OSPI/CTE Policy OSPI/CTE Policy 2019-2022 pdf

Training Requirements and Funding Criteria for Applied Math 2019-22
Applied Math/OSPI Policy for Initial and Continuing Applied Math Approval
Requirements for Applied Math Career & Technical Education Enhanced Funding

1. Initial Training: Teachers must complete OSPI-approved training in order for a district to receive CTE funding for Applied Mathematics courses. To be approved to offer the course for CTE funding, teachers must successfully complete Initial Training and the Fall and Spring In‐services offered in the school year following Initial Training. Initial Training is offered each summer by the Washington Applied Math Council (WAMC). Fall and Spring In‐services are offered during the school year following participation in Initial Training. (Note: The approval remains solely with the teacher, and not with the school or district.)

2. Fall/Spring In‐service Participation: Teachers need to be provided time to attend both the Fall and Spring one‐day In‐services provided by the Washington Applied Math Council. These in‐services are offered currently at ESD 113 for Western Washington and Spokane Community College for Eastern Washington.

3. Continued Funding Requirements: After meeting the teacher requirements for Initial Applied Math approval expressed above, the teacher must attend either a WAMC/OSPI Summer Conference Training at least once every five years, or accumulate a total of forty clock hours by attending the Fall/Spring one‐day In‐ service over a five year period to acquire continued approval. This will ensure that all Applied Math-Endorsed teachers employ curriculum that is aligned with the state 9-12 Math Standards and Performance Expectations and are aware of updates to requirements. Carl Perkins and/or CTE state funds may be used to pay for teachers’ training expenses. For a district to receive funding for Advanced Applied Math classes, the teacher must have Advanced Approval, obtainable through successful completion of one additional Summer Conference.

4. Proof of Approval: Prior to the start of the school year, the district must provide OSPI/WAMC the name, current school address, telephone number, and email address for any teacher who is expected to generate CTE funding for instructing an Applied Math course. Districts also need to provide a copy of a valid Career & Technical Education teaching certificate (CTE certificate number).

5. Number of Classes Allowed: Unlimited classes may be CTE-funded by meeting the requirements expressed above. For CTE approval, classes must align with the Applied Math Framework and the Washington State Math Standards.